Regret. Anger. Relief. Ashamed. Hurt. Worried. Embarrassed. Hopeful. These may be a few of the emotions you are cycling through when you think about your marriage and divorcing your soon-to-be former spouse. You may worry about your future, financials, and children. Yet, you still have to decide which divorce attorney to hire, whether you want to use mediation, and what information you need to prepare financial and custody plans. 

Hiring a divorce coach is beneficial when you have many emotions, worries, and decisions. A divorce coach is part of your divorce team who works to help you put a plan together to get through your divorce. 

If you would like a collaborator to help you process and plan for your future after divorce, contact Dorit L. Goikhman today to schedule your free consultation. Dorit L. Goikhman is a family law attorney and trained mediator with years of experience helping families navigate and resolve complicated divorces. Dorit helps high-net-worth individuals in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties take control of their divorces.

Divorce Coaching

Similar to how a coach guides his team through practices and games, divorce coaches provide you with a guide through the entire divorce process. Divorce coaching helps you navigate the emotions of divorcing while helping you move forward with the divorce. Unlike a divorce attorney, the divorce coach can assist after you finalize your divorce. The divorce coach is not your divorce attorney or a therapist. However, the coach can help you connect with experts and other professionals.

With her years of experience with divorce, Dorit can educate you about the divorce process, the steps you need to take to begin a divorce or respond to divorce papers, and what you need to do to start planning for your future. And, if you need additional professionals for your team, Dorit can help you find and decide on those professionals.

The Divorce Coaching Process

Divorce coaching can assist anywhere in your divorce journey. If you are considering divorce, you can begin with divorce coaching to learn about the divorce process and what it entails.

Once you have decided to file for divorce or your spouse has filed for divorce, divorce coaching will help you identify your next steps. If you need assistance or want to discuss who you should hire as a divorce attorney, Dorit can help you. She can also help you consider your goals and needs and create a plan to address them. If you are considering a collaborative divorce or divorce mediation, Dorit can walk you through how each of those processes works and help you decide if they are the best process for your situation. Compiling financial information is an essential step in any divorce. And Dorit can help you gather and organize that information.

Finally, while you are going through the divorce process, Dorit can provide you with someone to help you unpack what has happened in meetings and sessions regarding your divorce and determine how to move forward from those sessions.

The Benefits of Divorce Coaching

Divorce coaches help you focus on where you are currently in the divorce process and where you would like to be in the future. Divorce often makes you reflect on what happened during and before your marriage and what led you to the point of divorce. But with your divorce and everything that comes afterward, you also need time to consider what is next for you and your children. Divorce coaching is a space for you to do that.

Divorce can also leave you feeling like you have little control, especially if you were not the spouse who requested the divorce. Hiring a divorce coach can help you re-establish control of your life by thinking about how you want your life after divorce to be. Divorce coaching can help you feel more confident in your decisions for your divorce, family, and future life.

Another reason many individuals hire a divorce coach is that divorce coaching fees tend to be less than the divorce attorney’s. Your divorce attorney is your go-to for all legal components of your case until your divorce is finalized. If you need assistance planning your future and processing the implications of the divorce, it will cost you less with a divorce coach than with an attorney.

Add a Divorce Coach to Your Team

Dorit can be a crucial team member while you go through a divorce. Friends and family may support you through this challenging time in your life. However, a divorce coach can help you regain control, make decisions, and figure out a plan for your future. Hiring Dorit is one way to move forward if you are feeling:

  • Overwhelmed by the thought of your divorce
  • Indecisive and having difficulty making decisions regarding the divorce
  • Distressed or angry about the divorce

Dorit is also here to help you work through ideas you have about how you want to proceed with your life. 

Dorit is a family law attorney with years of experience helping individuals, like you, navigate divorce. As a trained mediator, Dorit has experience facilitating conversations to help divorcing spouses find solutions that will work for them. Dorit focuses on helping high-net-worth individuals identify their needs and move forward with their divorces.

Contact Doirt L. Goikhman today if you are ready to add a divorce coach to your team.