Collaborative Divorce
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By Dorit Goikhman
Founding Attorney
Collaborative Divorce

Are you considering an amicable divorce in Central California? The collaborative divorce process is gaining traction among couples who seek a less confrontational way to end their marriage.

This method emphasizes cooperation, respect, and fairness, promoting an environment where both parties work together with the guidance of a California collaborative divorce attorney. Here’s an overview of what you can expect.

Collaborative Divorce: What is it?

Collaborative divorce is a legal approach that encourages couples to work together to reach a settlement that meets both parties’ needs. Unlike traditional litigation, a collaborative divorce in California promotes open communication and teamwork. With the support of collaborative divorce attorneys, couples can maintain a positive relationship, making it an ideal option for those who seek an amicable divorce.

How the Process Works

Selection of Collaborative Divorce Attorney: It begins with each spouse selecting a collaborative divorce attorney trained in the collaborative process. These legal professionals guide and advocate for their clients, focusing on solutions that serve both parties’ interests.

Collaborative Meetings: The next step involves collaborative meetings between both spouses and their attorneys. These sessions aim to resolve disputes and draft an agreement in a calm and respectful environment.

Engaging Experts: Often, the process may involve financial planners, child specialists, or other professionals who can provide neutral guidance to aid in the decision-making.

Reaching an Agreement: The goal is to reach a mutually beneficial agreement on all divorce-related issues such as asset division, child custody, and support. The amicable divorce settlement is then submitted to a California court for approval.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce in California

Control Over Process: Couples have more control over the process, timelines, and outcomes.
Cost-Effective: Usually less expensive than litigation.
Privacy: More private than court proceedings, safeguarding personal details.
Children’s Well-Being: Focusing on the children’s well-being, fostering a healthy co-parenting relationship post-divorce.

Finding a California Collaborative Divorce Attorney

If you’re considering an amicable divorce in California, finding the right collaborative divorce attorney is vital. Look for an experienced professional specializing in California collaborative divorce. Their knowledge and skills can guide you smoothly through this challenging process, ensuring that your rights are protected, and your interests are served.


The collaborative divorce process in Central California offers a humane, respectful, and efficient way to end a marriage. By choosing a specialized California collaborative divorce attorney, couples can embrace an amicable divorce that supports the needs and priorities of all family members involved.

For those seeking a harmonious transition into the next phase of their lives, collaborative divorce may be the best route, aligning with the values of empathy, mutual respect, and collaboration. To learn more about this method or find a suitable collaborative divorce attorney, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts.

About the Author
Dorit L. Goikhman is a licensed attorney, with years of experience representing clients throughout Central California in business, real estate, and family matters. After witnessing numerous clients spend fortunes and waste years of their lives in litigation, Dorit became interested in mediation and all that it has to offer. Dorit is committed in helping parties work together to obtain a mutually acceptable solution to their disputes at a fair price. Her approach is to keep things simple, confidential, and efficient with the goal of preserving the parties’ assets, reputations, and sanity. If you have any questions regarding this blog, you can contact Dorit here.