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By Dorit Goikhman
Founding Attorney


When we hear about prenuptial agreements, we often think of A-list marriages, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s $400 million agreement or Jay-Z and Beyonce’s $5 million per kid clause. Newly married former Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder also has openly discussed getting a pre-nup with her now-husband Beau Clark. But celebs aren’t the only ones signing prenuptial agreements before walking down the aisle. Many attorneys think these contracts are something that everyone who is planning to tie the knot should at least consider. But what are the pros of a prenup? What are the cons? And how the heck do you broach the subject of one with your partner? Parade talked with some experts in this space to answer these questions and more.

What is a prenup?

Dorit Goikhman, an attorney and founder of Off the Record Mediation Services LLC in California, explains that a prenuptial agreement is something that two parties enter into in anticipation of a marriage. This, she says, often deals with characterization of property that is coming into the marriage (for example, designating certain property as separate property) and sometimes deals with how income will be classified during a marriage. “Prenuptial agreements can also describe the parties wishes as to what would happen in the event of divorce, for example, would there be spousal support?” she shares.

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About the Author
Dorit L. Goikhman is a licensed attorney, with years of experience representing clients throughout Central California in business, real estate, and family matters. After witnessing numerous clients spend fortunes and waste years of their lives in litigation, Dorit became interested in mediation and all that it has to offer. Dorit is committed in helping parties work together to obtain a mutually acceptable solution to their disputes at a fair price. Her approach is to keep things simple, confidential, and efficient with the goal of preserving the parties’ assets, reputations, and sanity. If you have any questions regarding this blog, you can contact Dorit here.